Beauty in the mundane

I taught yoga for many years and often had photography showing on the studio walls and a portfolio of work laying around, usually on the coffee table. I came out from teaching a class one day and a woman was crying as she was flipping through my portfolio. I asked her why she was crying, and she said it was because she'd forgotten the beauty in the world, and these images reminded her of it.

That was exactly what I wanted the work to do. To remind people of the beauty in the world, that spark in the mundane, and to contribute an easy way for people to find that feeling of appreciation and upliftment.

FEELIN FREE is about perspective. The goal is to help you live a life you love to wake up to, by sharing inspiring images, stories and perspectives.

I've been fascinated by Wayne Dyer's quote, 'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.' I believe we all have some power, through our ability to perceive, to change our lives and the conditions around us. At our core, we all want to feel good and our personal power is most accessible to us when we allow ourselves to feel good. Our thoughts are important and with some training of our ability to focus, I believe that we can shift our experience.

I've traveled globally, completed two Bachelor degrees, Master's degree coursework, and worked in jobs from forest fire fighting to executive development programs, leading active travel trips in the Rockies and Belize, to discovering yoga in 2005. I wanted to experience everything. Jumping in with all four feet. I taught yoga for over a decade professionally, teaching over 3000 classes with thousands of students overall. Deeply interested in the connection between our thought processes, emotions, physical body, spirit and energy, I wanted to understand a couple of things primarily - one was how to find a reliable way out of suffering, so that I wasn't at the whim of external conditions, and two, how coincidences occurred - those seemingly magical orchestrations of right place, right time, right vibe, right people. As I searched, the answers seemed to lead to something at an energetic level to which we all have access. A connection between the power of our minds, emotions, physical body and the world around us, and how we use the mind as a tool. I’m interested in, and passionate about, people, our stories, our paths and the synchronicities of our lives; how we apply our thoughts, focus our energy and consistently cultivate an emotional atmosphere to create a life we love to wake up to. To that end, I want to share images that inspire and uplift, and remind you of the beauty in the world within and around you.

Send me a message at mandy@feelinfree.com to say hi. Find me online at missmandyjdaniels on Instagram, @mandyjdaniels on Twitter.