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Feel Better In Five

YASS please

I'm Mandy J Daniels

I'm who you work with when you want to train your mindset and manage your energy flow

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Feeling good from the inside out

Taking charge of your life by learning how to feel good with more consistency, thinking more deliberately in the direction of what you want, and seeing how that inner work affects both action and results

Just like a high-performer focuses, commits and trains to perform optimally, the practice of tending to your inner atmosphere to influence your experience is ongoing

Become more deliberate about how you think and feel so that you open the channel for inspiration, and follow it into focused (and fun) action

As a Mindset Strategist, I offer sessions and packages specifically to help you:

Learn to be kind to yourself as you work towards what you want

Define and clarify what you want

Believe and become what you want

Shift doubt into knowing

Feel appreciation, fulfillment and purpose along the way

Stabilize well-being by re-designing how you spend your time

Learn more about meditation to enjoy the feeling of connecting to your inner source of guidance, and sustain that access to love and greater consciousness

Learn to deliberately shift your emotions and mindset to feel good, which influences your actions, moods, behaviours, relationships and ultimately your overall lived experience

Sooth yourself into inspiration and allow your energy to flow, rather than motivate or 'improve' yourself, to achieve a goal

Working with Mandy is truly life-changing. In just one session, I felt different afterwards - about my life, my body and the possibilities for myself overall. I still feel the positive shift months later from that one powerful conversation.

Leah B.

Mandy guides without judgment and has an amazing ability to articulate what's happening on a thought, feeling and energetic level, how that relates to outside circumstances and how to change it. Thank you, Mandy!

Leah B. (continued)

My conversations with Mandy give me deep insights about myself and my life, and this has allowed me to see why things are happening the way they are, and how to course-correct along the way so it’s a funner ride.

Shawn Jackson

She cares deeply about people and this work, and that comes through every time. I can't say enough about Mandy and the experience!

Shawn Jackson (continued)

The Meditation Guide is beautifully presented, with content that is easy to read and follow, and with meaningful advice on life and lifestyle processes that can be adopted by anyone at any stage in their life for tangible personal benefit.

Brian Foran

It begins in the mind

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Download the Feelin Free Meditation Guide and discover the expanded version of yourself! Learn to master your mind, become more self-aware, connect to your energy flow and allow your emotional set point to raise.

Yass please